Interior Design Services

Take a comprehensive look at all of the services we provide for your perfect living space.


You’ve recently purchased a new home and want to update and refresh your style. You’ve moved to Arizona and want your home to reflect a completely new desert style. You’re working from home and need a space in your home for a private home office. Your children moved out and you want your house to reflect your new phase of life. Your parents or children are moving in and you need a dedicated space for them. You’ve purchased what could be your dream vacation home and need help furnishing it.

Our process allows us to create a uniquely customized design using carefully curated furnishings, fabrics, artwork, rugs, accessories, finishes, window treatments, hardware and lighting.

We listen and identify your detailed needs for the space. We discover and infuse your family’s distinctive style and personality into your home. It is one of the things we do best.

We’d love to help you transform your space with confidence, calm and ease.

Design Stage:

  • Initial site or virtual visit
  • Detailed project requirements
  • Detailed measurements of the space
  • Visits from trade partners (window coverings, contractors)
  • Detailed floor plan to scale
  • Design concept presentation for approval
  • Estimated budget and timeline for completion

Development and Procurement Stage:

  • Sourcing and procurement through specified vendors
  • Visits to local showroom
  • Detailed trade schedule and installation
  • Logistics and operational management

Installation Phase:

  • Scheduling of installation day(s) including window coverings and lighting.
  • Delivery and placement of furniture
  • Styling and accessorizing
  • Managing issues and claims with showrooms
  • Photography
  • Final Walk Through


Taking the leap and updating your existing living space or creating something new!

Building a new house or renovating an existing home is one of the biggest financial decisions in a person’s life.

You’ve put aside the money for the project. You’ve spent many hours researching what you want. And you are ready to make it happen.

Whether it is a kitchen or bathroom renovation, an addition, or a full house remodel, we can help you navigate the entire process from start to finish, resulting in greater peace of mind for you and your family.

We will liaise with the contractor throughout the process, pay close attention to the budget and schedule, and take care of the hundreds of project details required to transform your home. We will help you design the right floor plan, select the right finishes and materials including paint colors, tile, flooring, cabinets, millwork, architectural details, hardware, lighting, smart home features, doors and windows, appliances, and of course, furnishings, artwork, floor coverings and accessories.

Concept Activities Include:

  • Hiring the right general contractor
  • Working with the architect on the design
  • Developing the floor and electrical plan
  • Selecting the right materials and finishes
  • Visits to local showrooms
  • Developing the lighting plan
  • Developing the interior furnishings design plan
  • Design plan presentation

Development Activities Include:

  • Visits job site as required to ensure design plan implementation
  • Sourcing and procurement of items through specified vendors
  • Detailed trade schedule and installation as required
  • Decisions on project and change management details

Installation Phase:

  • Scheduling of installation day(s) including window coverings and lighting
  • Walk-through, identify punch list items
  • Managing issues and claims with showrooms
  • Delivery and placement of furniture, styling and accessorizing
  • Photography
  • Final Walk Through


Sometimes a little bit of help goes a really long way…

Everyone needs a bit of expert advice when making design changes to a home.

Donna Brann Interiors would be happy to share our knowledge and advice to give you the confidence you need to make those changes to your home that you’ve been longing to make.

If any of these resonate with you, this is the service for you.

My home office does not function well. I need some guidance redesigning it.
Wallpaper looks to be a hot trend. I’d like to try it but am afraid of making a bad decision.
I am planning to sell my house and I want to do a refresh to get it ready to sell.
I want to update my kitchen but don’t have the money to redo cabinets and countertops.
The lighting in my home is ugly and out of style.
My traditional dining room no longer suits my needs.
Are swags on windows out of style? I need to update my window coverings.
I need a new sectional that will be easy to clean and last for 10 years.
I love the look of a gallery wall. How do I install one in my family room?

Working with an interior designer on these projects on an hourly rate or a set project fee is a very smart move and can be a very easy decision when you take advantage of design a la carte. And, the best part is… you save money.

1) Our advice and guidance will save you hours of work and mistakes by helping you make the right decisions the first time around.

2) You can purchase items directly from us at below MSRP prices. We source from trusted and curated trade-only companies as well as unique, hard-to find artisan vendors. In addition, most online and storefront retail companies offer discounts to trade professionals.

3) We bring in trade partners to execute on the project. Painters, window coverings, electricians, and handy people that we have worked with and trust.

4) If something is wrong with the item that you purchased from us including a manufacturing defect or shipping damage, we resolve the issue with the vendor on your behalf.


We’re Following COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Arizona and Everywhere

How we relate physically to each other has changed dramatically. Donna Brann Interiors is dedicated to the safety of our clients and our vendors. The actions we take affect your lives and the lives your families.

This is why we offer all of our design services virtually.

Fortunately for us, one-third of our clients have been located outside of the Sonoran Desert. As such, we have been hosting virtual consultations with clients and heavily utilize online collaboration and communication tools to bring our services to any location.

The process for Virtual Design in similar to the process for each design service. Because of the physical limitation, there are a few changes as noted below. Our goal is to be uber-effective in our virtual decision-making process. We offer guidance, instructions and tools to help you perform a few of the activities that we would typically perform if we were at your residence.

Additional Design Stage Elements:

How to take accurate measurements of each room and existing furnishings
How to take the right photos of existing elements of the space
Discussions on how visits from trade partners (if applicable) will be managed
Samples of tile, flooring, carpet, fabrics and finishes ship directly to residence

Development and Procurement Stage:

Online visits to local showrooms
Virtual calls with contractors and trades
Minimize deliveries to the residence

Installation Phase:

Minimize interactions with trades on installation days at the residence
Guidelines for installing art, accessories and furniture
How to take photos of any items with manufacturing defects or shipping damage