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When Donna was younger, she loved to design houses, drawing elaborate floor plans and envisioning uniquely decorated interiors. For her 12th birthday, she asked her parents for an subscription to Architectural Digest magazine and, with her 15th birthday money, bought her first piece of furniture.

The love of design has stuck with her.

After a highly successful career in high tech and healthcare investment banking industries, Donna is following her first passion - to make the world a more a beautiful place, one home at a time.

Donna feels strongly that a home should proudly reflect the humans who live there. It should be as unique as the
individuals living inside. It should allow them to cherish treasured elements from their past, inspire creativity, evoke joy, and bring family and friends together. It should provide a safe and peaceful refuge from the hectic world. It should tell the story of the individuals and family who live and love under its roof.

Recently, Donna helped transform a dated beach rental property on Coronado Island into a tranquil and welcoming ‘home away from home’. She works with a local developer to renovate dilapidated ‘eye sores’ in the Arcadia area into gorgeous family homes in the modern farmhouse style.

Donna brings a tremendous amount of health and wellness knowledge into her design work including smart home technology, sustainable design, design for aging in place, and designing for dementia including utilizing lighting design for therapy.

She is starting a charitable organization that helps redesign the homes of families with children with chronic illnesses.


Donna Brann Interiors is owned and operated by Donna Fedor-Brann. Donna spent the first thirty years of her professional career as a successful entrepreneur and executive in the high tech and financial fields. She brings her creativity, critical thinking, love of technology and new materials, and her strong execution skills to her design clients. Donna Brann Interiors is all about listening to our clients and helping them discover their unique style. We create highly functional spaces and deliver beautifully executed designs that reflect the amazing humans that live there. We aim to help our clients live a little better, with more peace, beauty, and joy surrounding them.

Whether you are looking for a bit of help in choosing the right furnishings or lighting fixtures for a redesign; if you need guidance in making the perfect selections for finishes for a new kitchen or bath; or, if you are planning a complete renovation, our design process and assistance will result in less fretting over the plethora of options available, easier decision making and expert anticipation and management of any issues that may arise.


  • Kitchen and Bath Remodels

  • Interior Renovations

  • New Construction

  • Custom Furniture Design

  • Cabinetry and Millwork Design

  • Space Planning

  • Color Consultations

  • Sourcing and Purchasing

  • Styling and Accessorizing

  • Home Staging

  • Exterior Space Planning

  • Exterior Hardscape Design


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